News 19.09.19
Letter dated 09.09.2019, No. 50-0006 / 46321
«About the International Account Number (IBAN)»


News 13.09.19
Updated schedule of documentary planned audits of taxpayers - IO (Section I) and audits of financial institutions, permanent and non-resident missions (Section II)


News 11.09.19
The National Bank has stated that the Electronic Payment System (hereinafter referred to as BOT) will operate around the clock.


NBU Letter of 09.09.2019, № 50-0006 / 46321
«About the International Account Number (IBAN)»


Consultation on 17.09.19


Who is the payer of excise tax on the sale of electricity since 01.07.2019?

According to Article.212.1.13 of the Tax Code of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the CCU), excise tax payers are, in particular, electricity producers who have a license for the right to engage in entrepreneurial activity in the production of electricity and sell it outside the wholesale electricity market....




News 18.09.19
We pay attention to the payers that from now on, only qualified electronic signature is sufficient for submission of reports electronically to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.


News 16.09.19
We pay attention to taxpayers that in connection with the reorganization and renaming of the State Tax Service to the State Tax Service, new agreements on recognition of electronic documents were introduced by the State Tax Service.


News 10.09.19
The State Tax Service of Ukraine has published updated details of budget accounts.