Legal services

In addition to services related to the audit, our company provides the following legal services:
Representation of the interests of the customer in all courts of Ukraine, various levels and specializations;
Administrative and judicial appeal against decisions of the tax inspection;
Legal support of the client's economic activities (from the preparation of constituent documents to the execution of certain transactions);
Drawing up of complaints, statements, statements of claim and other procedural documents;
Providing consultations with several solutions to problems;
Protection of the client from illegal actions of controlling bodies (including during inspections);
Continuous monitoring of judicial practice (with the provision of actual positive and negative judicial practice, as well as revealing the position of the courts and changing it).

With regard to representation in the courts, we can say that we take almost all categories of disputes (administrative, economic, civil, land, corporate). When considering the possibility of participating in a dispute, we provide the client with an objective assessment of his chances of winning (in all disputes it is impossible to win).
At the same time, our main specialization is tax disputes. If necessary, we can get involved in the case at any stage of the investigation, starting with the preparation of objections to the verification act and ending with the last judicial instance. It should be noted that the chances of a tax dispute (like any other) are assessed higher if the dispute enters into the early stages of the proceedings. But in any case, the specifics of tax disputes are such that they need knowledge, both in the field of law, and in the field of taxation, tax and accounting, cash management services. In this regard, our company practices the representation of the interests of the customer in court simultaneously by two specialists (auditor + lawyer), which contributes to the maximum possible fulfillment of the tasks set by the customer.