Development of business plans and investment projects

  • Large investment projects in Ukraine.
  • Large investment projects in the scale of the region.
  • Investment projects in the scales of districts.
  • Investment projects on the scale of individual economic entities.
  • Business plans for obtaining loans from banks.
  • Feasibility studies (feasibility studies).
  • Business plans and applications (on behalf of government authorities) to receive funding from international organizations.
  • Basic and alternative scenarios, the formation of financial models based on them, with the ability to process data in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor or in the software shells Alt-Invest, Project Expert.
  • Printout of developed projects on a color laser printer.
  • Stitching projects in the "book" format (A-4).
  • Translation of financial documents into English and German.
All services can be either complex (all in one order) or separately performed services at agreed rates.