Tax consulting



Within the framework of this service we offer our clients cooperation in the following areas:
Individual consultations on accounting, taxation with the selection of a package of documents on a given issue, including consultations and judicial practice;
Providing normative and methodical literature, forms of accounting and tax reporting;
Subscription information and consulting services.
Drawing up a report on the reliability of the investment object; Support of the investment process.
The highest demand is for subscription information and consulting services, which allows our partners to receive promptly the necessary information via telephone communication (oral consultations, answers via e-mail); By written request (a written response to the request is provided within 3 working days in the usual urgent situation); As a result of personal communication with consultants, including with the visit to the client. Consultations are provided at a time convenient for you and in the form you want.
In addition, within the framework of subscription services, we carry out daily e-mail distribution of regulatory documents, as well as provide basic legislative acts processed and systematized by our specialists, containing all changes for the current date.

Information and consulting services also include visits to briefings held every second and fourth Thursday of the month.
Our specialists always strive to satisfy the client's needs in the most complete way.