In the process of providing audit services, the firm uses an individual approach to each client, while the scope, content and nature of the audit are determined depending on the quality and effectiveness of the internal control system in the organization. The main criteria for determining the cost of services are the volume of workflow and the state of accounting.
Having received the offer on audit services, we perform clarification of audit tasks by systematizing the client's wishes. Further, taking into account the specifics of the company's activities, an audit team is created whose head estimates the amount of work, the timeframe, specifies the required number of specialists, as a result of which the audit program is being formed.
Based on the results of the audit, a Conclusion is drawn up (Report on the results of the audit) and Recommendations, which are confidential documents, which are subsequently used exclusively by the executive body of the contracting authority.
In order to achieve the most effective interaction between the client and specialists, we recommend our partners to conclude a contract for systematic audit services.


Among our services you can choose:
  • General and thematic audit
  • Accounting audits
  • Conducting audit procedures for compliance of the tax accounting with the current legislation
  • Confirmation of the completeness and reliability of financial reporting in accordance with the requirements of the State Commission for the Securities Market and International Standards
  • Maintenance of inspections of regulatory bodies
  • Audit of securities issue
  • Conducting audit procedures in the process of recognizing an enterprise as insolvent or declaring it bankrupt
  • Development of accounting and accounting policies
  • Restoration of accounting records
  • Auditing services to verify the correctness of settlements with the budget and target extra-budgetary funds;
  • Audit of financial and economic activities in the process of privatization
  • Determination of equity participation and dividend accrual to shareholders and participants of the company