News 15.04.19


INC from 21.03.2019, No. 1147/6 / 99-99-14-05-01-15 / IPC

“Regarding the correction of spelling errors in the design of a certificate on sealing of cash registers”


This letter indicates that commissioning, commissioning, maintenance and repair of CSBs is carried out by the CSO solely on the basis of relevant agreements concluded with RSO users.

In particular, the conditions under which the CSO seals PPOs and issues a certificate of PPO sealing provided for in paragraphs. 13, 36 and 51 of Order No. 601. Consequently, in the case of spelling errors in the certificate on the sealing of PPO, a business entity to correct them should contact the CSO, which has a maintenance agreement and repair of PPO.

The text of the letter is available in the section “New in legislation”