News 08.20.19
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Decision of 08/14/2019, No. 708
“On amendments to the lists of productions, jobs, professions, positions and indicators, employment in which gives the right to an old-age pension on preferential terms approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated June 24, 2016 N 461”



News 08.19.19
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Resolution of August 14, 2019, No. 719
“On advanced training in mobilization training and mobilization”


News 08.16.19
On the site of the SFS posted another update in the schedule of documentary scheduled inspections of taxpayers.


News 08.15.19
State Statistics Service of Ukraine
Order of June 14, 2019, No. 214
“On approval of the state statistical observation form N 31-auto (quarterly)” Report on the transportation of goods by road by type of cargo and passengers by type of communication ”



News 08.14.19
Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
Order dated June 13, 2019, No. 10-rp
“On the approval of the Model Requirements for the Coordinated Actions of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Concerning Joint Purchase of Goods”


News 08.13.19
Decree of 08/06/2019, No. 104
“On amendments to some regulatory acts of the National Bank of Ukraine”


News 08.12.19
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Law of 07/11/2019, No. 2755-VIII
“On Amendments to Article 9-1 of the Law of Ukraine“ On Alternative Energy Sources ”regarding the settlement of the issue of electricity generation by private households”


News 08.09.19
Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
Order of July 22, 2019, No. 313
“On Amendments to the Classifier of the Character of Agreements”


News 08.08.19
Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
Order of July 9, 2019, No. 292
“On Amendments to the Procedure for Submitting Notifications of Opening / Closing Taxpayer Accounts with Banks and Other Financial Institutions to Supervisory Authorities”