News 20.06.19
National Bank of Ukraine
Resolution of 13.06.2019 N 77
“On Amendments to Certain Regulatory Acts of the National Bank of Ukraine”


News 19.06.19
Resolution of 18.06.2019, №78
“On Amendments to the Regulations on Protection Measures and Determination of the Procedure for Performing Certain Operations in Foreign Currency”


News 19.06.19
CM Ukraine
Resolution of 12.06.2019, №496
“On Amendments to the Decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 27, 2001 N 1756 and December 23, 2004 N 1716”


News 18.06.19
CM Ukraine
Resolution of 12.06.2019 , №502
“On the approval of criteria by which the degree of risk from the implementation of economic activities in the field of transportation of passengers, dangerous goods and hazardous waste by rail is assessed and the frequency of planned measures of state supervision (control) by the State Transport Safety Service is determined”


News 17.06.19
CM Ukraine
Resolution of 12.06.2019, № 501
“On Amendments to Clause 5 of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 536 of July 4, 2018”


News 14.06.19
Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
Letter dated May 20, 2019 p. N 35120-14-5 / 13244


News 13.06.19
State Statistics Service of Ukraine
Notification dated 12.06.2019
"Consumer Price Index in May 2019"