Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine Order of 11.05.2019, No. 723
“On approval of typical informational cards of administrative services in the field of social protection of the population”


State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Order of June 18, 2019, No. 475
“On approval of the Methodological recommendations on the organization of work with corruption reports submitted by whistleblowers in the State Fiscal Service bodies”


Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Decree No. 602 of July 10, 2019
"On the approval of criteria for assessing the degree of risk from the implementation of economic activities in the areas of passenger transportation, dangerous goods, hazardous waste by sea and river transport and safety in sea and river transport (except for the maritime safety of ships of the fishing industry fleet) measures of state supervision (control) of the State Service of Maritime and River Transport "



Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine Order of 03.06.2019, No. 413
“On Approval of Amendments to the Rules for the carriage of goods by road in Ukraine”


National Bank of Ukraine Decree of 09.07.19 №91
“On Amendments to Certain Regulatory Acts of the National Bank of Ukraine”

“On approval of the procedure for granting additional financial support to family farms through a copayment mechanism in favor of insured persons - members / chairman of a family farm; a single contribution for obligatory state social insurance”