Consultation on 14.01.20



Relationships related to electricity supply in accordance with general and guaranteed quality standards, protection of consumer rights and provision of electricity supplier or distribution system operator (hereinafter referred to as SRF) with compensation for non-compliance with guaranteed power quality standards to consumers or customers (in case of non-compliance with guaranteed quality standards) to electrical networks), defined .... 

Consultation on 07.01.20



In connection with the entry into force of Law of Ukraine No. 2275-VIII of 06.02.2018. “On Limited and Additional Liability Companies” (hereinafter the Law) Article 145 of the Civil Code of Ukraine is excluded from the provision, according to which the LLC participant was not allowed from the obligation to make a contribution to the authorized capital of the company, including by crediting the requirements to the company.... 



Consultation on 24.12.19


Regarding the performance of "service delivery" before the Z-report on the PPO

In accordance with the Procedures for Registration of Registers of Settlement Transactions and Books of Accounting for Settlement Transactions approved by the Order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine dated 14.06.2016 No. 547... 



Consultation on 17.12.19


The company did not provide additional leave to employees who have children for a period of time. Is the employee entitled to claim compensation for the unused days of such leave upon dismissal?

According to Art. 24 of the Law of Ukraine "On Leave" of 15.11.96, No. 504/96-BP (hereinafter - Law No. 504/96) in the event of dismissal of the employee, he shall be paid monetary compensation for all the days of annual leave he has not used, as well as additional leave to employees who have children or an adult child - a person with a childhood disability of subgroup A of group I.... 

Consultation on 10.12.19


Concerning not to bring the charter of the joint-stock company in compliance with the Law No. 2210-VIII "On Amendments to Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Simplifying Doing Business and Attracting Investments by Securities Issuers"

Pursuant to Clause 6 of the Final and Transitional Provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Simplifying Business and Attracting Investments by Securities Issuers” dated November 16, 2017. No. 2210-VIII to joint stock companies, which are considered not to have made a public offering of shares, the requirements apply... 

Consultation on 03.12.19


Determination of the amount of supplementary pay for employees for combining professions

In accordance with Art. 105 of the Code of Labor Laws for employees who perform at the same enterprise, institution, organization, in addition to their main work, stipulated in an employment contract, additional work in another profession ...



Consultation on 26.11.19


Responsible for restocking for holidays and overtime

According to Art. 73 of the Labor Code (hereinafter - Labor Code) work on holidays (non-working) days is allowed: at continuously operating enterprises, where termination of work is impossible due to production and technical conditions; due to the need to serve the population; in the cases provided for in Art. 71 of the Labor Code...


Consultation 19.11.19


Regarding the tax risks of compensation to employees of their spent funds issued under the report

According to paragraph 1 of Part 1 of Art. 29 of the Labor Code of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the Labor Code of Ukraine), prior to the commencement of work under the employment contract, the owner or his authorized body is obliged to explain to the employee his rights and obligations and to inform on the receipt of working conditions, availability at the workplace where it will work, dangerous and harmful production factors that have not yet been eliminated, and the potential health effects...

Consultation on 29.10.19


Regarding the calculation of days of compensation for unused portions of annual principal and additional leave, including in the event of dismissal of an employee on a non-working day.

According to Art. 24 of the Law of Ukraine "On Leave" of 15.11.96, № 504/96-BP (hereinafter - Law № 504/96) in the case of dismissal of an employee he is paid monetary compensation ...