Consultation on 24.07.18


Employees of the company work under conditions of part-time work (part of them on an incomplete working week, the rest on the conditions of part-time work). On the order of the head of Monday was appointed a non-working day (weekend) without being transferred to another day. When calculating wages, the accounting department received an instruction not to pay salaries to employees for this day. Does the leader have the right to do the same? How much time should be used to calculate the average daily average hourly wage?


Consultation on 22.08.17


As for the addition of indexation for past periods and application of the minimum wage rule.

1. The amount of the additional indexation refers to the wage bill of the current month. This is confirmed by pp. 1.6.2 Instructions on wage statistics, approved by the order of the State Statistics Committee dated 13.01.2004 No. 5, which specifies: if the accrual is carried out in the previous period, in particular, in connection with the specification of the amount of time worked, the detection of errors, they are reflected in the fund The wages of the month in which the accrual was made...



Payment of compensation for late timed indexation for 2014-2016.
In accordance with Clause 4 of Order No. 1078 in case of untimely payment of the amounts of indexation of cash incomes of citizens, their compensation is made in accordance with the legislation. In accordance with Clause 2 of the Procedure for сompensation ...