News 19.07.19
Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine
Order dated 11.05.2019, No. 723
“On approval of typical informational cards of administrative services in the field of social protection of the population”


News 18.07.19
State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
Order dated 06.06.2019, No. 475
“On approval of the Methodological recommendations on the organization of work with corruption reports submitted by whistleblowers in the State Fiscal Service bodies”


News 07.17.19
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Decree of 10.07.2019, No. 602
"On the approval of criteria for assessing the degree of risk from the implementation of economic activities in the areas of passenger transportation, dangerous goods, hazardous waste by sea and river transport and safety in sea and river transport (except for the maritime safety of ships of the fishing industry fleet) measures of state supervision (control) of the State Service of Maritime and River Transport "



News 16.07.19
Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine
Order of 03.06.2019, № 413
“On Approval of Amendments to the Rules for the carriage of goods by road in Ukraine”

Tax benefits handbooks updated

News 15.07.19
GFS published the Directory of tax incentives, which are losses of budget revenues and other tax incentives as of 01.07.2019


Consultation on 16.07.19


Regarding the provision of vacation without retaining salary to the director

The Law of Ukraine of November 15, 1996, No. 504/96-VR "On Vacations" (hereinafter referred to as the Law No. 504/96-VR) provides for: leave without saving of salary, which is obligatory for the employee (Article 25) and leave without salary savings provided by the parties (Article 26)...



Consultation on 09.07.19


Regarding the change of place registration of a legal entity

It should be noted that according to Art. 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On State Registration of Legal Entities, Individuals - Entrepreneurs and Public Formations" of May 15, 2003, No. 755-IV (hereinafter - the Law on State Registration) in the Unified State Register contains information on the location of a legal entity. According to Art. 10 of the said Law if the documents and information to be submitted to the Unified State Register,...


Consultation on 02.07.19


As for the calculation of the annual remuneration for the calculation of the average wage

Calculation of the average wage to pay for temporary incapacity. The bonuses (rewards) paid on the basis of work for the year are part of the wage fund as incentive payments (part 3 of Article 2 of the Law "On Labor" dated March 24, 1995, No. 108/95-VR)...


Consultation on 25.06.19


Regarding work during temporary incapacityі

In accordance with Art. 30 of the Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory State Social Insurance" No. 1105-XIV dated September 23, 9999 (hereinafter - Law No. 1105-XIV), material security and social services for insurance in connection with temporary incapacity for insured persons who work on the terms of an employment contract (contract), are appointed and provided..


Consultation on 18.06.19


Regarding the maximum duration of the trip

At the legislating maximum lines of the internal regulation on the internal services in Ukraine between the border and the border of the Ministry of Physics of Ukraine 13.03.1998 r. № 59. Ale normi czogo document rozpovsyuyuyuyustsya on p_dpriєmstva, as a result, often partially utraymuyutsya (finansuyutsya) for rakhunok budgetary cats. Відповідності до Інструкції ї 59 inset of offensive maximal lines of perebuvannya in v_dryajennі:..