News 17.07.18
From 17.07.2018, the order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy No. 162 of March 27, 2013 (hereinafter - Order No. 162) comes into force, which amends the procedure for the normative monetary assessment of the lands of settlements, approved by the order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy No. 489 of November 25, 2016.


News 16.07.18
The Law of Ukraine
№ 2464-VIII of 19.06.2018.
"On Amendments to the Customs Code of Ukraine on the Clarification of Certain Provisions"


News 13.07.18
The Law of Ukraine
№ 2463-VIII of 19.06.2018.
"On Amendments to Section XX" Transitional Provisions "of the Tax Code of Ukraine concerning relations related to the implementation of measures to ensure national security and defense, repelling and containing the armed aggression of the Russian Federation in Donetsk and Lugansk regions"



News 12.07.18
Resolution of 13.06.2018, No. 496
"On Amending the Procedure for Maintenance and Repair of Registrars of Settlement Operations"


News 11.07.18
Ministry of Finance
Order from 04/05/2018, No. 469
"On Amending the Instruction on the Procedure for the Calculation and Payment of a Single Contribution to Compulsory State Social Insurance"


Consultation on 17.07.18


The legal basis for the application of the simplified system, the single tax is defined in Chapter 1, Section XIV, "Special Tax Regimes", and Subsection 8, "Features of the Collection of the Single Tax and Fixed Tax", Transitional Provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine, No. 2, December 27, 2010, as amended and supplemented ( next - PKU)...



Consultation on 10.07.18


The enterprise has a well with a depth of 40m. which is used for own sanitary-hygienic needs (use of water in shower rooms, washbasins and maintenance of premises in the proper sanitary-and-hygienic condition).

According to Art. 255.2 when using water for own sanitary-and-hygienic needs, the enterprise is not a payer of rent for special services. use of water. Is it necessary to include in the calculation of payments for subsoil indicators of electricity use from this well?


Consultation on 02.07.18


Traditionally, in this case, the question arises: how to schedule the transfer of working days to put on the table these days, or whether you need to go to work on June 23, if on June 29, 2018, the employee will leave? So, find out it.



Consultation on 26.06.18


In Appendix 1 to the Rents Tax Returns, a special permit for use was made in line 6.1 with errors:
- in line 6.1.1 the number of the permit for special water use is indicated, but you need a number of special permit for use of subsoil;
- in line 6.1.2 the date of its issue;
- in line 6.1.5 the mark of mining of minerals is placed, and it is necessary to insert a mark in line 6.1.6 geological study, including experimental and industrial development.
How to correct mistakes and what penalties will be applied to the company?


Consultation on 19.06.18



1. Registration of registration in MREV.
2. Taxes and payments when purchasing a car / passenger car / truck. Primary registration.
3. Accounting and taxation (when calculating in the cabin partly by own means, and partly at the expense of a bank loan).
4. Taxes on car sales.