News 03.07.20
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News 02.07.20
Updated forms of state statistical surveys will be reported in 2021.


News 06.30.20
The Ministry of Finance informs that a new Register of retail prices and a dashboard has appeared in Ukraine. During a pandemic, basic necessities must be available to every Ukrainian. That is why for the period of quarantine the Ministry of Finance launched a new service for declaring prices.


News 29.05.20
According to the NBU, June 29, 2020 will be a day off for the banking system of Ukraine.


News 06.26.20
24.06.2020 updated two more sections of the plan-schedule of documentary scheduled audits of taxpayers for 2020.


Consultation on  30.06.20


Regarding the taxation of charitable assistance

There are several types of financial assistance that an enterprise can provide to its employees in cash. Thus, depending on the frequency of payment of financial assistance and coverage of persons to whom it is paid, conditionally allocate:... 



Consultation on 23.06.20


Is an employee paid for a sick leave if the employee's absence from the workplace was not required for the period of downtime?

Article 113 of the Labor Code of Ukraine (hereinafter - the Labor Code) stipulates that downtime through no fault of the employee is paid at the rate of not less than two-thirds of the tariff rate set for the employee category (salary)... 



Consultation on 16.06.20


When creating a legal entity in any case, information about the head is submitted for registration... 



Consultation on 09.06.20


The current legislation does not provide a specific list of documents on labor protection at enterprises.

In accordance with Article 13 of the Law of Ukraine "On labor protection" The employer is obliged to create working conditions in the workplace in each structural unit in accordance with regulations, as well as to ensure compliance with the legislation on workers' rights in the field of labor protection...


Consultation on 02.06.20