News 19.09.17
Board of the NBU
Resolution of 11.09.2017, No. 89
"On approval of regulatory legal acts of the National Bank of Ukraine on accounting"


News 18.09.17
National Bank
Decision of 11.09.2017, No. 577-rsh
"On approval of the Technological Regulations for the Electronic Payment System of the National Bank of Ukraine"


News 15.09.17
Board of the NBU
Resolution of 07.09.2017., No. 88
"On Amending Certain Normative Legal Acts of the NBU"


News 14.09.17
Decision of 06.09.2017, No. 675
"On approval of the list of foreign stock exchanges on which foreign debt securities are placed by a non-resident, whose income is taxed in accordance with subparagraph 141.4.11 of clause 141.4 of Article 141 of the Tax Code of Ukraine"


News 13.09.17
VR of Ukraine
Law of 07.09.2017, No. 2146-VIII
"On Amending the Tax Code of Ukraine Relating to Taxation of Non-Resident Income - Investors in Securities"


Consultation on 19.09.17


Will not the violation of accounting and, accordingly, tax accounting reflect the reflection in the current tax period of the costs of acts of performed work for the previous period received in the current period and registered in the journal of incoming correspondence of the enterprise on the date of actual receipt?



Consultation on 12.09.17


As to whether you need, when placing an advertising poster in the form of a banner on the bridge of the road with the address of the site, specify the phone number of the enterprise.

According to Art. 1 of the Law of Ukraine "On Advertising" (hereinafter - the Law), outdoor advertising - advertising, which is placed on special temporary and stationary structures - advertising carriers located in the open area, as well as on the external surfaces of houses, structures, on street equipment elements, over the roadway streets and roads...

Consultation on 05.09.17


What liability and penal sanctions are foreseen in case of use of a stationary source of pollution (gas boiler) by a business entity without the permission to discharge pollutants into the air by stationary sources of pollution and non-payment of environmental taxes.



Consultation on 29.08.17


On the completion of graphs 6 and 7 of the report form No. 1DF when the GPA is displayed.

According to paragraph 3.7 of the Order of the Ministry of Finance of 13.01.2015, No. 4 "On approval of the form of the tax calculation of the amount of income accrued (paid) in favor of individuals and the amounts withheld from them tax (Form No. 1DF) and the Order of Filling...


Consultation on 22.08.17


As for the addition of indexation for past periods and application of the minimum wage rule.

1. The amount of the additional indexation refers to the wage bill of the current month. This is confirmed by pp. 1.6.2 Instructions on wage statistics, approved by the order of the State Statistics Committee dated 13.01.2004 No. 5, which specifies: if the accrual is carried out in the previous period, in particular, in connection with the specification of the amount of time worked, the detection of errors, they are reflected in the fund The wages of the month in which the accrual was made...