News 03.04.20
Law of Ukraine
№540-IX from 30.03.2020
"On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine to Provide Additional Social and Economic Guarantees in Relation to the Distribution of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)"



News 03.04.20
We would remind that from April 1, in case of storage of fuel without a license, economic entities will be subject to financial penalties of 500,000 UAH.


News 02.04.20
The government is tightening quarantine conditions. In particular, it is forbidden to stay in public without wearing a mask or respirator


News 01.04.20
Resolution of March 29, 2020, No. 241
«On Amendments to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 11, 2020 N 211»


News 31.03.20
The registration of the unemployed will be carried out from the first day after the application to the Employment Center


Consultation on 25.02.20


Deadline for submission of advance report

The procedure for drawing up the Report on the use of funds issued on business trip or under the report was approved by the Order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine dated September 28, 2015 No. 841 (hereinafter - Procedure No. 841)...



Consultation on 18.02.20


In the case of accounting for the production method of depreciation, the monthly amount of depreciation is defined as the product of the actual volume of production (works, services) and production rate of depreciation (p.5 p.26 P (C) BO 7 "Fixed assets"). The depreciation rate is calculated ...



Consultation on 11.02.20


According to item.199.1 of the Tax Code of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as PKU, Code) in the case where purchased and / or manufactured goods / services, non-current assets are partly used in taxable transactions and partly not, the taxpayer is obliged to accrue tax liabilities on the basis of the tax base determined in accordance with Article 189.1 of Article 189 of this Code, and make no later than the last day of the reporting (tax) period ...


Consultation on 04.02.20



Purchased medical equipment will be donated free of charge to a medical institution that has the status of a non-profit organization (non-profit sign 0031 - budget organization). The enterprise is a VAT payer, and a corporate income tax payer who applies financial result adjustments before tax is prepared in accordance with national accounting standards...


Consultation on 14.01.20



Relationships related to electricity supply in accordance with general and guaranteed quality standards, protection of consumer rights and provision of electricity supplier or distribution system operator (hereinafter referred to as SRF) with compensation for non-compliance with guaranteed power quality standards to consumers or customers (in case of non-compliance with guaranteed quality standards) to electrical networks), defined ....