News 01.23.19
Order dated November 26, 2018, No. 1773
“On Amendments to the Forms of Applications for the Assignment of All Kinds of Social Assistance, Compensation and Benefits”


News 22.01.19
Order of 10.01.2019, No. 7-p
"On the transfer of working days in 2019"


News 01.21.19
Regulation of 12/27/2018, No. 1162
"On approval of the list of serious diseases, disorders, injuries, conditions, giving the employee the right to receive leave without pay for a child who does not have a disability"



News 18.01.19
Before paying taxes, check budget accounts on the GFSU website.


News 01.17.19
Regulation of 12/27/2018, No. 1161
“On approval of the list of serious diseases, disorders, injuries, conditions, giving the right to receive state assistance for a child who has not been identified as disabled”


Consultation on 22.01.19


On the adjustment of the tax invoice for the import of services.

According to clause 208.2 of the Tax Code of Ukraine (hereinafter - PKU), the recipient of services supplied by non-residents, whose place of supply is located in the customs territory of Ukraine, shall calculate VAT at the base rate of tax on the tax base determined in accordance with item 190.2 of the Tax Code...



Consultation on 15.01.19


Formation of the cost of agricultural products.

Methodological recommendations on the accounting of biological assets approved by the Order of the MFU №1315 of 29.12.06. (further Order No. 1315). Thus, in accordance with Clause 6.1 of Order No. 1315, agricultural products and additional biological assets at their initial recognition are measured at fair value less estimated on-site costs or production costs in accordance with P (C) BO16 "Expenses"...


Consultation on 08.01.19


During the annual inventory of goods in warehouses, re-grading of the drip tape was found. In abundance there is a tape of 5 bays at the conditional price of 3000 UAH / unit., And in the deficit - 5 bays at the price of 2500 UAH / unit. How to issue in the accounting and tax accounting this operation?


Consultation 25.12.18


Taxing the transfer of advertising samples across the border

According to Part 1, Article 82 of the Customs Code of Ukraine (hereinafter ICU), Ukrainian goods that are issued for free circulation outside the customs territory of Ukraine without obligations for their re-entry are placed in the customs export regime. Requirements for the registration and use of customs declarations, on the basis of which goods are transported (sent) through the customs border of Ukraine, approved by the CMU Resolution No. 450 dated 21.05.12...

Consultation on 18.12.18


Taxation of an employee training and loan loan abroad

Taxation of loan operations to an employee:
Granting a loan to an employee will not affect the object of taxation of income tax, since in accordance with paragraph 134.1.1 of the Tax Code of Ukraine (hereinafter the Code of Practice), the object of taxation is the profit with a source of origin from and beyond its borders determined by adjusting (increasing or decreasing) the financial result before tax (profit or loss), determined in the financial statements of the enterprise in accordance with the national accounting (accounting standards)...