News 25.04.18
Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine
Order from 10.04.2018, No. 108
"On approval of the Methodological recommendations for filling the forms of financial reporting by bodies of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine"


News 24.04.18
The Law of Ukraine
No. 2360-VІІІ of 20.03.2018.
"On Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine Regarding the Development of the Production of Terroic Wines and Natural Honey Drinks"


News 23.04.18
The Law of Ukraine
No. 2373-VIII of 22.03.2018.
"On Amending Section VIII" Final and Transitional Provisions "of the Law of Ukraine" On the Collection and Accounting of a Single Contribution to Compulsory State Social Insurance "in connection with the preparation and conduct of the final matches of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Champions League among women of the 2017 / 2018 »


News 20.04.18
Letter dated July 31, 2017, No. 5.2-28-1353
"On the calculation of benefits in the first days of work"


News 19.04.18
Resolution of 11.04.2018, No. 263
"On Amending Certain Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine"


Consultation on 24.04.18


Purchase of the MMC by the worker at his own expense

The worker purchased materials for the company at his own expense, the company reimbursed his expenses by issuing funds to him within a few days after submitting an advance statement of expenses. Do I need to pay the issued PIT and military tax and show them in the 1DF report.



Consultation on 17.04.18


Облік страхового відшкодування

The car, which is recorded on the balance of the company, was in an accident. The insurance company has not transferred funds to the company, but to the account of the service center, which repairs the car. How to correctly reflect in accounting and tax accounting the calculation between the Insurance Company and the company that provided the service for repair? Should an enterprise adjust the tax credit for charging "offset" tax liabilities?


Consultation on 10.04.18


The cost of tea in a railway ticket

In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 02.02.2011 No. 98 "On the amounts and composition of travel expenses for civil servants, as well as other persons sent for business trips by enterprises, institutions and organizations that are fully or partly detained (funded) at the expense of (hereinafter - Decree No. 98) and the Instruction on official business trips within Ukraine and abroad, approved by the order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine dated March 13, 1998, No. 59 (hereinafter referred to as Instruction No. 59), food expenses...

Consultation on 03.04.18


Daily Abroad

An employee of an enterprise is sent on a business trip abroad, but the company does not have a foreign currency account and the amount of daily allowance is given to the employee in UAH equivalent to the NBU rate on the date of issue of the advance. How to calculate the daily allowance, which is not subject to personal income tax and military duty? What if, after this operation, there is a deviation in the direction of increase, will the enterprise need to pay employee compensation? What if the deviation in the direction of the decrease is this amount to be an additional taxable benefit (PIT, military fee)?


Consultation on 27.03.18


The deadlines for the registration of tax invoices

The grain was wheat, which was paid to the enterprise. But the supplier did not issue a tax invoice and did not register. How long did the supplier have to register the MU, which is the deadline for registration? Can the supplier refund the amount of VAT paid by us in the value of the goods?