News 11.20.18
Resolution of November 15, 2018, No. 122
“On the operation of general licenses for foreign exchange operations granted to non-bank financial institutions”


News 19.11.18
State regulatory service
Order of November 15, 2018, No. 152
“On the approval of standards within which compensation is made in viticulture, horticulture and hop growing, reporting forms and a list of equipment, machinery and equipment”



News 11/15/18
SFSU continues to adjust the plan of inspections for 2018.

GFS no longer generates certificates of electronic printing for individuals

News 14.11.18
The Law of Ukraine “On Electronic Fiduciary Services” dated 05.10.2017 No. 2155-VIII, which entered into force on 11.11.2018, stipulates that electronic printing is electronic data that is added by the creator of electronic printing to other electronic data or logically with them are associated and used to determine the origin and verify the integrity of the associated electronic data. At the same time, the creator of electronic printing is a legal entity that creates electronic printing.


News 13.11.18
DFS introduced a new electronic service that customers can use an accredited key certification center Information and Reference Department DFS. For clients of the center, of which there are almost 1 million today, a new service for re-forming certificates on an electronic request has become available.


Consultation on 20.11.18


Features of receipt of prepayment from non-resident

What date of tax liability arises from VAT?
On what date there is an income - the date of the receipt of currency on a distribution account or on a current account?
In what period should a tax credit be displayed and on what documents?


Consultation on 13.11.18


Features of carrying out complex measures aimed at reducing the employment and incomes of the population in accordance with the Decree of the CMU of September 5, 2018 N 649-p

By the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine # 649-r dated September 5, 2018 it is envisaged that the State Service of Ukraine for Labor, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine, and other central executive authorities with the participation of local self-government bodies will carry out joint complex activities...

Consultation on 06.11.18


Some issues when entering into a contract of exchange: features and taxation of income.

The procedure for taxation of personal income is regulated by Section IV of the Tax Code, in accordance with paragraphs. 163.1.1 clause 163.1 of Art. 163 which is subject to taxation of a resident is the total monthly (annual) taxable income, which includes, in particular, part of income from operations with property, the amount of which is determined in accordance with the provisions of Art. 172 PCU (clause 164.2.4 clause 164.2 item 164 PCU)...


Consultation on 30.10.18


Consultation on 23.10.18


Accrual of ESV for a ticket to spa treatment

The list of types of payments that are not accrued to the ECV is approved by the CMU Decree No. 1170 dated 22.12.2010. The amount of the cost of a holiday for a sanatorium treatment (rehabilitation) provided at the expense of employers to taxpayers for employees is not defined by this List as a payment , which is exempted from accrual of ECV. Consequently, the cost of such a trip is the basis for calculating ECV...