News 19.02.18
The State Service of Ukraine for Labor
Letter dated 11.12.2017, N 5605/4 / 4.7-SG-17
"On the conditions for granting a leave to take care of a child before reaching the age of six"


News 16.02.18
The Board of the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine
Resolution of the Order of 10/10/2017, No. 54
"On approval of the procedure for providing material security at the expense of the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine to insured persons in case of liquidation (reorganization) of an enterprise, establishment, organization, termination of entrepreneurial activity of a physical person-entrepreneur or independent professional activity"



News 14.02.18
Ministry of Social Policy
Letter of 02/01/2018, No. 50/0 / 2-18 / 28
"On accounting for the amounts of indexation with minimum wages"


News 13.02.18
The Ministry of Finance drafted a resolution on the further operation of the VAT risk system.


News 12.02.18
Instead of the existing system for the issuance of sickness cards on electronic forms, an electronic register will be introduced. It will provide access to physicians, employers, insured persons and representatives of the Fund to access, within the limits of their authority, information on sick leave sheets.


Consultation on 13.02.18


On the environmental tax on waste

Is the company a payer of an environmental tax if the company stores or moves through the territory of the enterprise, fluorescent lamps, oil accumulators and car tires?


Consultation on 06.02.18


Compensation of hospitality expenses

As part of the hospitality business trip was a business dinner. Is compensation and inclusion in the expenses fixed alcohol in the check?  



Consultation on 30.01.18


Marketing and advertising services

In accordance with par. 14.1.108 clause 14.1 of art. 14 of the Tax Code of Ukraine as of 02.12.2010 N 2755-VI (hereinafter referred to as the Code) marketing services (marketing) - services that ensure the functioning of the taxpayer in the field of market research, stimulate the sale of products (works, services), price policy, ...



Consultation on 23.01.18


The amount of non-targeted material assistance that is not taxed

What documents are needed for the payment of AMD and how to reflect the payment of AMD in the accounting records?



Consultation on 16.01.18


Repair of leased property

The enterprise carries out repair works and improvements on the leased area for subletting the premises to another business entity. How to properly reflect the repair work and improve the leased object in the accounting and tax accounting?