News 13.11.19
Resolution of 06.11.2019, No. 127
«On Approval of Changes to the Instruction on Cashless Settlements in Ukraine in National Currency»


News 12.11.19
The Ministry of Justice has opened a single register of entrepreneurs and companies in its entirety.


News 11.11.19
The Ministry of Economy presented the concept of a system for monitoring land use and circulation.


News 06.11.19
Order of 10/23/2019, No. 995-p
«On Business Day Transfers in 2020»


News 05.11.19
From November 5, Ukrainians will be able to buy currency and precious metals without restrictions on the amount. The daily limit of UAH 150,000 has been abolished, Ukrainian Central Bank reported.


Consultation on 22.10.19


Regarding the calculation of days of compensation for unused portions of annual principal and additional leave, including in the event of dismissal of an employee on a non-working day.

According to Art. 24 of the Law of Ukraine "On Leave" of 15.11.96, № 504/96-BP (hereinafter - Law № 504/96) in the case of dismissal of an employee he is paid monetary compensation ...


Consultation on 22.10.19


Compensation for late payment on holidays and overtime hours of past periods.

According to Art. 115 Labor Code and Art. 24 of the Law of Ukraine "On remuneration" the employer is obliged to pay wages to employees regularly on working days within the deadlines set...


Consultation on 08.10.19


The impact of the calculation of wages for employees on holidays and overtime for past periods on the calculation of the average wage.

To calculate holiday pay, the amount of the accrued salary is included up to the month for which it is accrued. Confirmation of this is the letter of the Ministry of Social Policy dated 09.12.2011 № 1105/13 / 81-11: only bonuses are included in the salary of the month for which they are ...


Consultation on 24.09.19


Regarding payroll deduction to employees for holidays and overtime.

According to Art. 73 of the Labor Code (hereinafter referred to as the Labor Code), work on holidays (non-working) days is allowed: at continuously operating enterprises where termination of work is impossible due to production and technical conditions; due to the need to serve the population; in the cases provided for in Art. 71 of the Labor Code....


Consultation on 17.09.19


Who is the payer of excise tax on the sale of electricity since 01.07.2019?

According to Article.212.1.13 of the Tax Code of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the CCU), excise tax payers are, in particular, electricity producers who have a license for the right to engage in entrepreneurial activity in the production of electricity and sell it outside the wholesale electricity market....