News 22.05.19
BP of Ukraine
Law of 27.04.2019 No. 2708-VIII
“On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Concerning the Conservation of the Ukrainian Forest”


News 21.05.19
Order of 10.05.2019, the number 148
“On approval of the state statistical observation form No. 24 (annual)“ Report on livestock production, the number of farm animals and the availability of their food ”
Order of 10.05.2019, the number 151
“On Approval of Forms of State Statistical Observations on the Sale of Agricultural Products and its Recycling”



News 20.05.19
BP of Ukraine
Law of April 25, 2019 No. 2704-VIII
“Regarding the ensuring of the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state language”


News 17.05.19
Resolution of the 05/14/2019, the number 67
“On the establishment of exceptions and (or) features of the introduction of deadlines for the settlement of transactions for the export and import of goods and the introduction of amendments to certain regulatory and legal acts”


News 05.16.19
Resolution of 35.04.2019, № 352
“On Amendments to the Procedure for the Development, Coordination, Approval, Amendments to Building Standards and their Recognition as Invalid”


Consultation on 21.05.19


Regarding the issue of an advance payment card for a new business trip without reporting the previous one

The requirements for issuing funds under the report and the rules for reporting the received funds are set forth in paragraphs 19-20 of the Regulation on the conduct of cash transactions in the national currency in Ukraine, approved by NBU Resolution No. 148 of 29.12.2017 (hereinafter - Regulation No. 148). Thus, the issuance of cash to the reporting person under the report is carried out on condition that it reports to it in accordance with the established procedure for the amount previously received under the report. Cash receipts are reported in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine...


Consultation on 14.05.19


Conducting an advertising company: registration and taxation of transactions for the free transfer of goods for promotional purposes

The documentary registration of operations for conducting promotional actions in the legislative field is not regulated, but in our opinion, the taxpayer must have the following set of documents:..



Consultation on 07.05.19


As for the transport of employees of the enterprise

The Law of Ukraine "On Collective Contracts and Agreements" dated July 1, 1993 No. 3356-XII (hereinafter referred to as Law No. 3356) implies that a collective agreement shall be concluded at enterprises, institutions and organizations (hereinafter referred to as enterprises) irrespective of the forms of ownership and management, who use hired labor and have the right of a legal entity. In addition, a collective agreement may be concluded in the structural subdivisions of the enterprise within the competence of these divisions...

Consultation on 30.04.19


If there was a change of leadership, how to sign the act for the past period

In accordance with paragraph 2.4 of the Order of the MFU No. 88 dated 24.05.1995. "On Approval of the Provision on the Documentary Provision of Records in the Accounting" (hereinafter the Order No. 88), the primary documents shall contain, in particular, the positions and surnames of the persons responsible for the conduct of the economic transaction and the correctness of its execution, personal signature or other data enabling identification of the person, which participated in the implementation of an economic transaction...

Consultation on 23.04.19


Regarding the registration of the received transport services

Methodological principles of formation in the accounting of information on expenses of the enterprise and its disclosure in the financial statements are determined by the Regulation (standard) of accounting 16 "Expenses", approved by the order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine as of 31.12.99 N 318 (hereinafter - P (C) BO 16)...