News 18.09.20
Order of 08.09.2020, № 479
"On amendments to the order of the State Tax Service of 03.02.2020 N 67" On approval of the List of product codes in accordance with UKTZED, which are used to determine the compliance of tax invoices / adjustment calculations to the risk criteria of the transaction ""



News 16.09.20
On September 14, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and some other laws of Ukraine in terms of ensuring the balance of budget revenues. The draft law is designed to increase revenues to the State Budget in 2021.


News 15.09.20
Letter dated 12.08.2020, № 3501-06 / 219
"On the calculation of the working hours for 2021"


News 04.09.20
The National Bank of Ukraine presented future changes in the hryvnia banknote and coin series, aimed at further streamlining the cash circulation of the national currency and simplifying settlements.


News 04.09.20
FSSU Executive Directorate
Order of 26.08.2020, № 415-od
"On a model contract with the insured for the submission of electronic documents to the Fund"


Consultation on 15.09.20


20-OPP: submission and responsibility

According to item 63.3 of Art. 63 of the Tax Code of Ukraine for tax control taxpayers are subject to registration or registration with regulatory authorities at the location of legal entities, separate units of legal entities, place of residence (main place of registration), .... 



Consultation on 08.09.20


Regarding granting leave at one's own expense without saving wages during quarantine

Regarding the granting of leave at his own expense without In accordance with Art. 84 of the Labor Code in the cases provided for in Article 25 of the Law of Ukraine "On Holidays", the employee at his request is granted mandatory leave without pay.... 



Consultation on 01.09.20


On the basis of which documents is the commissioning of the production plant after reconstruction

Legal and organizational bases of town-planning activity are regulated by norms of the Law of Ukraine №3038-VI from 17.02.2011. "About regulation of town-planning activity" (further the Law). Thus, according to item 1 of item 1 of the Law under construction it is understood - new construction, reconstruction, restoration, capital repairs of object of construction.... 



Consultation on 25.08.20


Taxation of compensation for medical expenses to the contractor under the contract

Within the framework of labor legislation, the employer is obliged to organize at his own expense medical examinations of certain categories of employees (Article 169 of the Labor Code; Article 17 of the Law of 14.10.92 № 2694-XII "On labor protection" (hereinafter - the Law № 2694) This applies to both preliminary (when hiring) and periodic and extraordinary (during employment) medical examinations... 


Consultation on 18.08.20


Does the number of RROs depend on the activities or locations of the settlements?

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine of 06.07.1995 № 265/95-VR "On the use of registrars of settlement transactions in the field of trade, catering and services" registrar of settlement transactions - a device or software and hardware in which the fiscal functions are implemented and which intended for registration of settlement operations at sale of goods (rendering of services), operations on purchase and sale of foreign currency and / or registration of quantity of the sold goods (rendered services), operations on acceptance of cash for the further transfer...